IBEC Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia

IBEC location in Barcelona Science Park (PCB) provides a highly stimulating biomedical environment in which the institute can work closely with organizations in the public and private sectors interested in the application of biomedical nanotechnology and have access to services of other centers like ours [Drug Discovery Platform, Platform Proteomics, National Center for Genome Analysis (CNAG); technological offer of the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona), among others].

Likewise IBEC coordinates the Platform for Biobanks and Biomodels from the Institute of Health Carlos III (ISCIII PBB) with the vision to become a national and international model for international clinical and research institutions, administrations, and companies. Through its unique composition the ISCIII PBB is as an infrastructure able to perform, with a scientific, technological and regulatory perspective, a complete preclinical validation from the design to the product to its in vivo validation. To achieve this the IBEC has structured the 41 UNITS conforming the Platform in four different HUBS to ensure a transversal role throughout the entire R&D&I value chain including: 3D BIOMODELS, BIOBANKS, 3D PRINTING, ANIMAL MODELS.

Importantly, IBEC counts with all the infrastructure and expertise to provide the highest level of quality and state-of-the art services to facilitate and advance the definition of the best therapy for the patient and thus close the loop from basic research to the realization of clinical translation. The “Biospace Lab”, a Biosafety Level 2 laboratory (300 m2) provides cell culture capabilities for the establishment and characterization of patient primary and cell lines cultures, as well as a 3D Bio-Printer for manufacturing cellular structures using three-dimensional biomaterials combined with cells (see more information here: Biospace Lab). IBEC also counts on the Nanotechnology Platform in nanofabrication and bionanocharacterization (http://ibecbarcelona.eu/services/nanotechnologyplatform/).

At the same time, the laboratory of IBEC holds a space with the latest models for cell culture and organoid derivation and characterization together with equipments for the chromatin processing and analysis. In total for this project IBEC accounts with more than equipped with 18 benches, fume hood, sinks and customary laboratory equipment. With a total of 4 tissue culture rooms for cell culture and microdissection work, IBEC counts with containing 7 laminar flow hoods, 8 tissue culture incubators, a dissection bench with inverted fluorescent microscopes and a stereo microscopes for culture of primary patient cells and pluripotent stem cells. The space devoted to molecular biology includes those material for those techniques related to molecular cloning, immunohistochemistry, and protein analysis. The laboratories count with equipment for organoid generation, expansion and characterization. Furthermore, the laboratories also count with skills to design and apply genome editing for disease modelling applications in the different organoid models cited above.


Doctor “Cum Laude” in Biology