Statens Serum Institut (Copenhagen, Denmark) is the coordinating country of REACT, and has two departments involved in the project.

On one hand, through the project coordinator (PC), Dr. Maria Vistrup-Parry, who integrates the Danish National Biobank, which stores more than 14 million biological samples and is thus one of the world’s largest biobanks. The Biobank is a unique resource nationally and internationally and of great use to research in disease pathogenesis, prevention and treatment. The Danish National Biobank strengthens Danish research infrastructure and thus the opportunities for Danish health research and international collaboration.

On the other hand, from SSI, there is the participation from the Department of Virus & Microbiological Special Diagnostics (VMS), which is the national central laboratory for human virology, including surveillance of viral infections, and research and development within the field. The department comprises the national WHO Centres on influenza, polio and measles/rubella. The department is also a member of the European Network for Imported Viral Diseases (ENIVD), thus participating in the European collaboration on surveillance of viral infections.

The participation of both departments is therefore crucial for the management of REACT, storing and sharing of samples, and the characterization and isolation of the circulating variants of SARS-CoV-2, influenza, and RSV.  

Danmarks Nationale Biobank


Maria Vistrup-Parry

Danmarks Nationale Biobank

Morten Rasmussen

Virus & Mikrobiologisk Specialdiagnostik

Ramona Trebbien
Maria Magdalena Lassaunière