Sisse R. Ostrowski

Professor, overlæge, forskningsleder, ph.d., | Studieleder for Master i Personlig Medicin

Group / Partner:

I am a Clinical Professor in personalized medicine and Head of Studies for Master program in personalized medicine at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen and a board-certified specialist in clinical immunology and Chief Physician and Head of Research for Copenhagen Hospital Biobank Unit at Dept. of Clinical Immunology, Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet.

I have ~25 years research experience in immunology and immune dysfunction and extensive experience in conduct of laboratory- and clinical trials. My main research areas include translational research in personalized medicine with focus on biobanks and large scale genetic and biomarker studies as means to develop personalized medicine. To date, I have authored ~250 peer-reviewed papers and have supervised 22 PhD students and 32 pre-graduate students.

As head of research for Copenhagen Hospital Biobank (CHB) and the Danish Blood Donor Study (DBDS) (the latter in a national collaboration), I am leading one of the largest research biobanks and genetic cohorts in Denmark (n=450,000 patients and healthy individuals with genome-wide genomic data). I am PI on numerous large genetic protocols/projects within different disease areas based on CHB and DBDS data and am therefore involved in a broad range of research projects with national as well as international researchers and collaborators, working on these data. The genetic-epidemiologic research conducted in CHB and DBDS is strongly focused on revealing pathophysiology and identifying signatures (variants, PRS, biomarkers) that can be used to risk stratify patients and develop tailored care. In addition to research in the large genetic cohorts, I am also PI and co-PI in several clinical trials applying immunophenotyping as a diagnostic tool to tailor care in patients with iatrogenic immune dysfunction.

Finally, I am an appointed member of several National, ministerial settled, working groups focusing on data and biobanks in research and precision medicine. I am a board member in various research organizations, including CAGs, and a member of many and different national and international research networks. Finally, and given my work with and interest in education in personalized medicine, I am involved many different initiatives working on education and training in data science and precision medicine.