IBEC Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia

IBEC coordinates WP8 and WP10 of REACT through the participation of Dr. Nuria Montserrat, lead of the laboratory “Pluripotency for Organ Regeneration”. Dr. Nuria Montserrat  is also the coordinator of the Platform for Biobanks and Biomodels from the Institute of Health Carlos III (ISCIII PBB). Through its unique composition the ISCIII PBB is as an infrastructure able to perform, with a scientific, technological and regulatory perspective, a complete preclinical validation from the design to the product to its in vivo validation. To achieve this the IBEC has structured all the UNITS conforming the Platform in four different HUBS to ensure a transversal role throughout the entire R&D&I value chain including: 3D BIOMODELS (19 UNITS), BIOBANKS (57 BIOBANKS), 3D PRINTING (19 UNITS), ANIMAL MODELS (19 UNITS(. The ISCIII PBB is the Spain National Node’s of the European biobank infrastructure (BBMRI-ERIC). The participation of the ISCIII PBB in REACT will guarantee the procurement of samples and associated data for the proper development of WP2.


Research Director. Doctor “Cum Laude” in Biology

Isabel Sáez
Daniel Moya