Karolinska Institutet

Karolinska Institutet participates in WP2, 5 and 6 through the participation of Marcus Buggert.

The Buggert group conducts research on cell-mediated immunity. More specifically, we are interested in understanding how memory T cells recognize and eliminate viral infections. Much of our research is focused on the CD8+ T cell arm of cell-mediated immunity. CD8+ T cells are absolutely critical for immune control of most viral infections and also represent a major cellular component of immune therapies that have entirely revolutionized cancer care.

Our group use cutting-edge bulk- and single-cell technologies, including 30-parameter flow cytometry, gene expression, RNA-seq, ATAC-seq, TCR-seq, and proteomics analysis to dissect the heterogeneity and function of memory T cell immunity. Through these platforms, we study different aspects of human memory T cell biology, with an overall aim to i) study the heterogeneity of circulating and resident memory T cells in humans, ii) identify alternative functions of memory T cells in human tissues, and iii) understand how memory T cells maintain control of viral infections.


Marcus Buggert